Friday, January 21, 2011

Who is doing this?

As if walking around in the winter isn't dodgy enough, some dingus is running around and placing very small patches of salt on the walk ways.

Not enough to make it so you don't have to be constantly bracing for a fall, but just enough to remind you how effective salt COULD be.

Thanks, dude.

Close up next!

I bet those paw prints belong to one handsome Labrador

I know this one looks like pee, maybe left by a stumbling troubadour on his way home from the pub, but no; rock salt. I investigated.

This one isn't as bad as the others, but when the parts of the road where the cars tires are supposed to go are covered in snow, and the middle part is cleared, someone has made an error.
Look at it. That useless, minute clearing is mocking me. Its mocking you. Its mocking us.

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