Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April showers bring May flowers,

as well as throngs of dopes wandering around taking pictures of tulips. 

Now admittedly, I have had my issues with The Canadian Tulip Festival in the past (go back into the archives, you'll see...) and this year I was really hoping for a fresh start, a clean slate, but it, was not to be. 

I don't think the international PDA between Canada and the Netherlands has officially opened its doors for the 2014 'Looking at Stuff' season, and yet it has already managed to burn my bunson.   

'Come to Ottawa, look at all of our royal flowers, eat, drink and try a beaver tail! But I swear, if I even hear you talking about recycling, your irritating, tulip gazing fanny is going to be out of here faster than you can cut up a six-pack ring. Hippie.'

But seriously, this whole thing is a dud.