Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Day 3
So, first of all, the 8 ball was right, the outdoor room did not evolve. In fact, it devolved.

Somebody took Day 2's table. 

To be honest, I was pretty surprised to see it stand at all, today was garbage day. So now not only is this outdoor room delightfully bewildering, it is also sticking it to the (municipal) man.

Now, I will be going away for a while to a place without an internet connection. But fear not Treasure Hunters (ha!), I have the deputy on the case. It will be her first real foray into the art, and it will frankly make or break her status. She has been tasked with keeping an eye on the Outdoor Room, and getting a new picture (evolved or otherwise) every day it holds strong at its current position.

In my absence, I'd ask that you come by and add to this 'room'. Make it as comfy as possible.

At the bottom of the post there is a link called 'The Outdoor Room' this will show you on a map where you can find it. Don't be shy, and besides everyone has some useless Ikea crap in their house that is better suited for the street anyway.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and zeal in this matter.
I'll be back.