Thursday, July 21, 2011

A brief history

1855 - the region known as Bytown is incorporated into what we now know as the City of Ottawa.

December 31 1857 - Queen Victoria names Ottawa the Capital of what was then known as the Province of Canada.

May 29 1928 - sewers exploded, causing damage to much of the city. This happened again January 28 1931. The cause of these explosions was never determined.

September 5 1945 - Ottawa is the site on which many consider to be the start of the Cold War.

July 30 1971 - actor, comedian, writer, talk show host and rapper, Tom Green is born (in Pembroke, close enough).

Early 1990's - Ottawa establishes itself as a global leader in the field information technology, garnering the nickname 'Silicon Valley North'.

April 9 2011 - The Ottawa Senators complete yet another season without a championship.

July 21 2011 - temperatures skyrocket, making for one of the hottest days in recorded history. This causes City officials to urge citizens to be responsible in this unusually hot weather, and remain well hydrated.


July 21 2011 at 17:53 - I say, anything for you, sweet city. Anything for you.

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