Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Outdoor Room

So, before my little repose, I left an open invitation to aid in a piece's evolution, I called it The Outdoor Room (I was thinking of calling it, 'please rest, civil servant', as its near a govt. building. That however is another story for another day).

I knew this idea a little pie in the sky, mainly because my only reader is my Mum, and she lives far away (love you Mum!). But lo and behold, the ST faithful were into it.

Day 4 revealed a new table!

Day 4

All was well, or so I thought, the Deputy was taking care of business and the Treasure was getting bigger (and more comfortable). But then, somewhere between Days 5 and 6; disaster!

Do you recognize this late model sedan, DRIVEN BY A THIEF!

Hard to tell from the pic, but the Deputy assures me that this car was driven by the person who dismantled, packed and drove away with The Outdoor Room.

A dastardly act, I know. Though such is the life of the Treasure Hunter.

Stay tuned for more crap.

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